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Environment Magazine September/October 2008


May-June 2017

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Review of Journey to Earthland: The Great Transition to Planetary Civilization

Journey to Earthland: The Great Transition to Planetary Civilization Paul Raskin. Boston, MA: Tellus Institute, 2016 (ISBN 978-0-9978376-2-9).

Dr. Paul Raskin authored Journey to Earthland not to describe the future, but rather to prevent it. This essay expands and updates his prior essay, Great Transition: The Promise and Lure of the Times Ahead (Boston, MA: Stockholm Environment Institute, 2002). Both books are essential for readers concerned with the unsettled 21st century. Journey to Earthland focuses on the prospects of a social evolution on the world stage with many plausible perils and solutions.

Journey to Earthland first provides a historic overview of different phases of humanity, leading to this current epoch that Raskin has named the “Planetary Phase.” He elaborates on what needs to happen in all aspects of world societies for the Great Transition to take place, and to enter the planetary phase of civilization. The reader is provided a careful discussion of possible future scenarios in such a new civilization. 


Before retiring in March 2016, Robert Harriss was a Distinguished Fellow at the Houston Advanced Center and a senior scientist on the Natural Gas Project at the Environmental Defense Fund.

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