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Environment Magazine September/October 2008


July-August 2017

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Environment is deeply saddened to note the passing of one of its long-standing supporters as a contributing editor of the magazine, Thomas J. Wilbanks. Tom wrote several important articles for the magazine, and was responsible for many more by referring authors to us. He will be missed greatly, to say the least. We join his many friends and colleagues in expressing our condolences to his wife of 57 years, Kathryn Jordan Wilbanks, and to his siblings and children.

Tom was a genial giant of a man. His heart was as big as his frame. He loved life and people and went out of his way to nurture the next generation of imaginative and interdisciplinary scholars.

He was a true flag-bearer of sustainability science.

A groundbreaking scientist, Tom was a president of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), and authored or co-authored nine books and more than 100 journal articles and book chapters. A Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, he helped lead the first comprehensive U.S. national energy plan and led more than 70 projects in 40 developing countries worldwide. His highest honor was to be formally recognized as a co-laureate for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, in recognition of his work on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. We salute the fact that the AAG Wilbanks Award for Transformational Research in Geography has been established in his memory.


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