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Environment Magazine September/October 2008


November-December 2015

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Pope's Encyclical Inspiring Government Action

With his recent encyclical, Laudato si' (“Praise Be to You”), Pope Francis brings the moral dimension of climate change to the forefront. Politicians worldwide have long debated the issue, but it's precisely because the Pope writes not as a politician, but as a spiritual leader who transcends political boundaries, that more people—especially politicians—are listening. “Catholic” means, literally, “universal,” and by throwing down the moral gauntlet on climate change, Pope Francis has created a universal platform from which government leaders and policymakers are springing into action.

Paul Stinson is the Clean Energy Project Manager for Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), which is helping to transform the U.S. electricity system by rewriting outdated regulations, spurring energy services markets, and modernizing our century-old electric grid.       

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